Physical Therapy

“Call, don’t fall!”

As healthcare workers in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health settings, we are often saying these words to our patients and their families. Some heed our advice, but others just don’t quite believe its a big deal. As advocates, all we can do is educate educate educate, and create a recipe for success that…

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ICD 10 – It’s Here!

As most of us in the healthcare industry are aware, the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 became official on October 1st, 2015. But are you prepared, or having trouble adjusting? As therapists, the ICD codes become an important factor when choosing an appropriate treatment diagnosis. For a quick introduction to what ICD-10 coding looks like, what…

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Top 20 Most Meaningful Jobs

A recent poll from asked people in over 450 different jobs how satisfied they were, and how meaningful they felt their job was. Not surprisingly, some the most satisfied and meaningful jobs are in either healthcare or education. What’s even better? All three rehabilitation therapy disciplines were in the top 20 overall! Want to see…

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Alzheimers: A look inside

Recent events have been highlighting and educating the public about Alzheimers disease and other dementias, such as the Oscar award winning movie Still Alice and the death of Hall of Fame basketball coach Dean Smith. But Alzheimers is a progressive, complicated, and debilitating disease. Everyday we, as professional therapists, have to explain this process to newly…

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Tart Cherry Juice: The King of Antioxidants?

Many conversations have been had over the benefits of tart cherry juice, expounding upon the pain relief one can obtain from this miracle of antioxidants. But what is it about tart cherry juice that makes it so great? Are there any other benefits to drinking this fabulous juice? In the following video, Dr. Oz explains…

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