In job satisfaction surveys, therapists consistently rank near the top – right behind clergy. Why is that? What makes therapists happy with their jobs?

Most report that it’s all about their satisfaction in making a difference for their patients and being a part of a team of co-workers who share that same value. It’s only natural then, that the most satisfied therapists are also the most patient centered. They went into this profession because they wanted to help people, and they’re most satisfied when the patient is their focus.

Above all, we know that our team members’ interactions with patients reflect on us and on our clients. In consumer-driven healthcare, you can’t afford to have a therapy team that isn’t revolving around the patient’s needs. We take this commitment seriously because it delivers the best solution for everyone involved – our team member therapist, our client healthcare organization and the patient.


Our therapists believe in building relationships with patients to empower them to take an active role in their therapy planning to achieve their goals. At Rehab Resources, we work on soft skills with our team to give them the tools they need to be successful.


Clear, courteous and professional communication with a patient is critical to a positive interaction – whether it’s one therapy session or several over a sustained timeframe. Our therapists know that communication begins with listening. They also collaborate with patients to provide clear instruction and improve results.


When patients perceive empathy from a caregiver or healthcare professional, they rate the interaction with greater expertise, trust, satisfaction and compliance. Rehab Resources looks for outstanding team members who exhibit character, compassion and patience.

The Bottom Line

Patient-centered care matters because it:

• Improves patient clinical outcomes
• Improves patient satisfaction rates
• Reduces overall costs

As a result, the therapy team that Rehab Resources provides to you is patient centered. We develop our people with the knowledge they need to apply the latest research in their therapy plans, and we treat the soft skills as an integrated part of our recruitment, hiring and development process.


“Their therapists are professional, on time and always appropriate. They assimilate into our staff and work as a team or as individuals. They learn and work and go, and I don't have to worry about them working with our critically ill and medically complex patients.”

- Colleen Andrews, Director of Phys Med & Rehab for LifeCare Hospitals of Dayton

“At Rehab Resources, the possibilities are unlimited. The company offers many rehabilitation settings from which to choose. I’ve increased my experiences, confidence and knowledge in all areas of OT while being employed by Rehab Resources, not to mention the 401(k) plan and flexibility are phenomenal.”

- Kara Royer, COTA

“I’m a clinical fellow, and I wanted to a gain a lot of experience with good supervision to broaden my knowledge. My supervisor is amazing and someone I trust, just as I can trust my team.”

- Jessica Moyer, Speech Language Pathologist

“I believe in educating, empowering and managing rehabilitation professionals so we can provide high-quality, cost-effective services for our clients while providing a forum to advocate for their patients’ needs.”

- Terri Hollenkamp, President and CEO of Rehab Resources

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