Allied health services are critical to the operations of your healthcare institution. You especially need to find partners that can offer the services you need to meet your immediate needs and your long-term objectives.

Rehab Resources is the leader in cost-effective rehabilitation solutions. We have the building blocks for your successful rehabilitation department.


You’re looking for highly skilled therapists with specialized training to meet the needs of your patients and your facility. We actively recruit and select the most qualified therapists and then match them to your facility needs. That way you get the best fit.

Staffing is about more than filling a slot. Our overall commitment to you is that our team will deliver quality care and patient-centered results.

Program Development

Rehab departments are a critical part of a hospital or healthcare system’s delivery of care. Building a successful and fully compliant program can be one of the industry’s greatest challenges without a doubt.

Our goal is to enhance quality outcomes for your patients and maximize your profitability
– every day.


Compliance Expertise

Our team has experience in developing and restructuring programs to meet stringent regulatory standards and accreditation.

Ensure your therapy team generates accurate documentation and meets reimbursement requirements.




Staying current on therapy techniques and meeting state licensure requirements are essential to the success of every therapist.

With this in mind, Rehab Resources develops and offers CEU workshops and in-services that provide real-world applications of the latest research and topics in physical, occupational and speech therapy.


Why do healthcare institutions
use services like Rehab Resources?

Want access to more therapists
Need to fill their positions more quickly
Want access to talent with specialized skills

Source: American Staffing Association analysis of 2014 Opportunities in Staffing

A Foundation
for Patients

It all starts with patients. Rehab Resources team members come to work every day because they are dedicated to their patients. Our therapists work in a variety of settings and with our clients' teams to improve patients' quality of life and help them get back to healthy living.

A Foundation
for Clients

Healthcare organizations, including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies, face challenged to provide therapy services that will complete care for their patients. We've provided these services for 20 years and has established a reputation for dedication, knowledge and expertise.

A Foundation
for Team Members

Have you ever felt like just a number? At Rehab Resources, it’s not about filing open slots. We believe in building a team, too. We support our employees with professional development, ongoing education and mentorship to help therapists flourish in their careers.


“Their therapists are professional, on time and always appropriate. They assimilate into our staff and work as a team or as individuals. They learn and work and go, and I don't have to worry about them working with our critically ill and medically complex patients.”

- Colleen Andrews, Director of Phys Med & Rehab for LifeCare Hospitals of Dayton

“At Rehab Resources, the possibilities are unlimited. The company offers many rehabilitation settings from which to choose. I’ve increased my experiences, confidence and knowledge in all areas of OT while being employed by Rehab Resources, not to mention the 401(k) plan and flexibility are phenomenal.”

- Kara Royer, COTA

“I’m a clinical fellow, and I wanted to a gain a lot of experience with good supervision to broaden my knowledge. My supervisor is amazing and someone I trust, just as I can trust my team.”

- Jessica Moyer, Speech Language Pathologist

“I believe in educating, empowering and managing rehabilitation professionals so we can provide high-quality, cost-effective services for our clients while providing a forum to advocate for their patients’ needs.”

- Terri Hollenkamp, President and CEO of Rehab Resources

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