How can Rehab Resources help you solve a real problem in your organization? Therapy staffing shortages, compliance and documentation concerns, the demands for continuing education or a program refresh. We believe in delivering comprehensive solutions. If your provider is just offering you staffing candidates, you’re just putting a band-aid on the situation.

At Rehab Resources, we know our clients always face competing priorities. That's why we take work of off your stack and develop a comprehensive solution for you. We strive to develop specialized rehabilitation staffing solutions and programs that are tailored to your unique circumstances.


It all starts with identifying your needs and setting goals. For example, it can be straightforward, such as filling a certain number of open positions. Or it can be challenging, such as improving documentation to support reimbursement. Regardless, we listen to what you know you need and dig deeper to determine what will solve your issues.


We then execute on that plan. Our team applies decades of knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations.


No solution is complete without follow-up. We assure your patients are getting the best care by conducting on-site assessments and mentoring with our program directors. Our CEU and compliance solutions operate together under a continuous improvement methodology, constantly seeking ways to enhance and improve.

The Bottom Line

Therapists are goal-oriented by nature. They work to help patients recover from serious illness or injury. At Rehab Resources, we apply that finish line mentality to our clients' projects. We believe in clearly defining the objective and working toward it.

A team that shares your values and goals is critical to delivering quality outcomes for your facility, and we dedicate ourselves to being a true partner to help you solve problems with real-world solutions.


“Their therapists are professional, on time and always appropriate. They assimilate into our staff and work as a team or as individuals. They learn and work and go, and I don't have to worry about them working with our critically ill and medically complex patients.”

- Colleen Andrews, Director of Phys Med & Rehab for LifeCare Hospitals of Dayton

“At Rehab Resources, the possibilities are unlimited. The company offers many rehabilitation settings from which to choose. I’ve increased my experiences, confidence and knowledge in all areas of OT while being employed by Rehab Resources, not to mention the 401(k) plan and flexibility are phenomenal.”

- Kara Royer, COTA

“I’m a clinical fellow, and I wanted to a gain a lot of experience with good supervision to broaden my knowledge. My supervisor is amazing and someone I trust, just as I can trust my team.”

- Jessica Moyer, Speech Language Pathologist

“I believe in educating, empowering and managing rehabilitation professionals so we can provide high-quality, cost-effective services for our clients while providing a forum to advocate for their patients’ needs.”

- Terri Hollenkamp, President and CEO of Rehab Resources

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