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Better Hearing and Speech Month: It’s all about communication


May is officially Better Hearing and Speech Month. This is the perfect time to take a moment to think about how communication is essential in day-to-day life. Answering a phone call, listening to a lecture, talking with loved ones, ordering a meal, and laughing at a joke: all of these activities involve communication. Speech, language, hearing, reading,…

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iPad Apps for Apraxia of Speech

Ever been with a client with Apraxia of speech and felt like you wished you could have better measured their progress and more effectively targeted their errors? This can be a daunting task for sure! Luckily, ASHA has a webinar available to anyone and everyone that is devoted to evidence-based iPad apps for Apraxia of speech. Learn how…

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iPads + Dysphagia Therapy = iPhagia Therapy

Dysphagia is one of those areas of therapy that can be difficult to explain to your patient, caregivers, and other professionals. And assessing dysphagia is an ever evolving creature. Moreover, buy-in from the patient and caregivers is critical for the success of dysphagia treatment. So how can you make this process more visual and interactive?…

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