“Driven By Purpose” Awardee, Michele Gose

Michele Gose, Office Manager, was awarded the Driven By Purpose Award for the 3rd quarter of 2019!  Michele is always keeping us organized whether it is at the office, the clinic or even for our social events!   Through all of this she exhibits and incorporates our company’s purpose statement, Leading With Talent, into her interactions with the boss lady, customers and other co-workers which makes her a great recipient of this quarterly award!  CONGRATS MICHELE, we truly couldn’t do it without you!  

Here is an interview with Michele to learn more about her:

-Proud personal/family info: I have a son, Alex, who has an MBA and works at 5th/3rd.  My daughter, Ariane, has a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education.  I have four grandchildren, Tyson (5), Veronica (4), Thomas (3) and Madelyn (2).  It’s very rewarding to volunteer for a couple animal rescue groups.  I always have a menagerie at my house!

-Before working for RR, what was your most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?  Does being a mom count? Lol 

-Best vacation spot you’ve been to? The Virgin Islands 

-Describe what you were like at age 10? Geez–that was so long ago but I think I was a bookworm!

-What aspect of your job do you like most? I love interacting with my co-workers and clients.  They are all so interesting and I learn so much.  Also, having a boss who appreciates all her employees makes coming to work enjoyable.

-What is one thing on your bucket list? To go to Alaska (but I don’t like flying so this might take me awhile).