“Driven By Purpose” Awardee, Michele Gose

Michele Gose, Office Manager, was awarded the Driven By Purpose Award for the 3rd quarter of 2019!  Michele is always keeping us organized whether it is at the office, the clinic or even for our social events!   Through all of this she exhibits and incorporates our company’s purpose statement, Leading With Talent, into her interactions with the boss lady, customers and…

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Driven By Purpose Award

We wanted to announce the first recipient in 2019 for our Driven By Purpose Award — Congratulations Logan Sillies, Physical Therapist for Rehab Resources!!  The Driven By Purpose Award is a quarterly award given to a team member who exhibits and incorporates our company’s purpose statement Leading With Talent into their interactions with patients, customers and other co-workers.  Not only has Logan been working…

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Are your hands achy?

  Using a phone or tablet can negatively affect your health. The smartphone seems to be used daily by billions of people across the world, but what are the effects on our health. When we send a text message or zoom in on a picture  to look at it more closely, we probably don’t even…

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Art Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation

Think about a time when you have been worried, anxious, or stressed. Some people turn to art to relieve these feelings. Adult coloring books are a new trend, some of which are marketed to lower stress. Now, think about the amount of worry, anxiety, and stress one might feel after a stroke. Strokes can cause…

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Swallowing Restrictions vs. Patient Wishes: Tips when patient also has cognitive deficits like Dementia


As a Speech-Language Pathologist, you have most likely come across a difficult situation like the following. You get a referral for a dementia patient who has swallowing difficulties. You determine they are aspirating on thin liquids, can no longer effectively chew regular solids, are having difficulty processing how to feed themselves, and are not getting through…

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Better Hearing and Speech Month: It’s all about communication


May is officially Better Hearing and Speech Month. This is the perfect time to take a moment to think about how communication is essential in day-to-day life. Answering a phone call, listening to a lecture, talking with loved ones, ordering a meal, and laughing at a joke: all of these activities involve communication. Speech, language, hearing, reading,…

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